Master Faye’s Return to Liverpool

A further indication of moving forward following the pandemic was our first visit by Master Faye Yip since 2019. To celebrate her return we invited Master Faye for not one but two days of training here in Liverpool. In the past we had only ever had a day but this was to be a special occasion to celebrate ATCS 10th anniversary, the Chinese New Year and an opportunity to train with one of the best Taiji masters.

Two different days were organised to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the exceptional training of Master Faye. On Saturday we enjoyed a fun day of Five Animal Frolics. Master Faye, as Vice President of the International Health Qigong Association, has years of experience in delivering this set. As participants we gained many insights into this playful and powerful Qigong through the excellent teaching of Master Faye. Hopefully the photos show some of that.

On the Sunday we switched from Health Qigong to Taiji Sun style. Master Faye has direct lineage to Sun Lu Tang (creator of Sun style Taiji). A group of Taiji enthusiasts experienced first hand the wonderful teaching ability of Master Faye to deliver quality training to a mixed group. For those of us who had done the 38 step form before this was an opportunity to develop and improve our form. For those who had never done Sun style before it was a lovely introduction to this nimble and light style. We have some fabulous photos to remind us of an amazing day.

To celebrate Chinese New Year while Faye was visiting we enjoyed a Chinese meal at the Tai Pan. You can view the photos by clicking here.