Listed below are events and/or workshops that I offer.  To find out more you can click on their individual link.  You can also contact me further details.  In 2022 please note that Tea, Qi and Me will be online; Taiji Kungfu Fan is currently fully subscribed and Applications & Push Hand workshops are currently suspended.  I’ll post updates on here as and when they become available.

Tai Chi Charity Coffee Morning

After five years ATCS is delighted to be hosting a Charity Coffee Morning in aid of Swan...

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Tea Qi and Me Taster Sessions

If like me, you love Health Qigong, Chinese Tea and meditation then these workshops are for you!...

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Tea Qi and Me Workshops

This is a six-session course over twelve months. Each session will include: A look at the relevant...

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Applications & Pushing Hands Workshops

These workshops are an excellent opportunity to work with a partner and help to develop your Qi...

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Taiji Kungfu Fan Workshops

Taiji Kungfu Fan is a dynamic Taiji form created by Professor Li Deyin and has been performed...

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Photos from previous events can be viewed in the photo gallery

Photo Gallery

In addition to workshops and events offered by Angela’s Tai Chi School, you may also be interested in workshops and events held at the Chinese Arts and Culture Centre in Telford.  This centre is run by the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and offers first class training and opportunities both in Taiji and Qigong.

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British Health Qigong Association
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