Taiji Kungfu Fan Workshops

Taiji Kungfu Fan is a dynamic Taiji form created by Professor Li Deyin and has been performed worldwide since 2001. Here in Liverpool we have the opportunity to learn, practise and perform this wonderful routine through the course of the year.

This is an invitation to anyone who wishes to learn the routine, deepen their practice and work with other Taiji Fan enthusiasts to join us on the dates listed below. There is an option to just do half a day (£25) or take part in the full day (£50). You would also require your own fan. You can purchase that from Tai Chi Link Tai Chi Fans Archives – Tai Chi Link Please ensure you purchase a fan that is 37cms long.

The upcoming dates for 2024

Saturday 20th January
Saturday 9th March
with dates to follow.

The venue is SARA Hall, Rundle Road, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 0AQ