Tea, Qi and Me Workshops

If like me you love Health Qigong and Chinese Tea then these workshops are for you!  I am delighted to be working alongside ATTIC Teas in putting together this course.

                                   This is a six-session course over twelve months.
Each session will include:

  • A look at the relevant tea, experiencing it’s feel, smell, touch and taste.
  • An associated Qigong practice taken from Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)
  • Tea meditation
  • Sharing circle

Sessions will be online via Zoom. As and when the Covid situation improves it may be possible to take some of the sessions to a face to face set up. This will also allow for online streaming as well in case you are unable to attend in person. Because of this I want to keep later dates a little flexible to allow for this.  Also if you can’t attend a session a recording may be available or if several people can’t attend I can run the session again on another date.

As part of the course, you will need the appropriate teas for each session. I use the teas from Attic Teas and they have some offers that we can access (see below). It will be possible to select whichever tea session you want although it is hoped that attendance at all the sessions will give a more rounded, complete feel for the benefits of these practices.

Cost of the whole course online is £110 which includes all the teas and a teapot. Deduct £10 from the cost if you only want the teas. Each introductory box of tea holds enough for three servings.

Cost of an individual session is £20 which includes a sample of the relevant tea.

(Please note that if we can do any face-to-face sessions it may be necessary to charge an additional fee to cover the cost of the venue)



27th March

Green tea – wood – spring

19th June

Black tea – fire – summer

4th September

Pu’erh tea – earth – late summer

6th November

White tea – metal – autumn

29th January

Oolong tea – water – winter

26th February

The Blend

Time: 10am – 12pm although it may go over time slightly depending on how the activities run and numbers involved.