Taiji Kungfu Fan returns!

All of the ATCS events planned for 2020 were cancelled earlier this year. Taiji Kungfu fan was one of them. Prior to the lockdown fan had been a popular feature of the calendar for some years.

It was decided to try the first return session outdoors. There is no better space than Festival Gardens Liverpool. Of course we don’t have control over the weather but on the 26th September we were blessed with beautiful sunshine.

Six students booked on to the session and we spent two hours working on our fan techniques and revisiting the whole form. We even did one run through with the music!

I am delighted to say that the venue where we practice fan has re-opened and an indoor session is planned in October. This is already fully booked although our numbers are much reduced. I am hopeful there will be many more sessions over the coming months.

If you are interested in learning Taiji Kungfu fan in the future please contact me using the form below.