Tai Chi Christmas 2022

A winter solstice, beautiful clear skies, a floating restaurant and a group of Tai Chi students and their teacher. These were the ingredients for a wonderful 2022 Christmas day out. The Floating Grace at the Albert Dock offers a dining experience whilst calmly sailing around the dock. The staff were extremely helpful and ensured everyone had all their needs met. The meal was delicious and hot. No mean feat for a boat with fifty people on. As it was the shortest day we enjoyed the sun setting and the array of colours across the clear skies along with the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights that adorn The Albert Dock at this time of year. As one student put it “that was a magical afternoon”.

Enjoy the photos in the photo gallery and if anyone wants to find out more about The Floating Grace then visit their website at https://www.floatinggrace.co.uk/