Master Faye’s Seminar July 2019

Saturday 27th July was a wet and miserable day but at IM Marsh campus Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts were waiting for yet another masterclass from Faye Yip, Deyin Institute.

We were to enjoy another amazing seminar delivered with a challenging yet gentle way to get us all thinking about how we can improve our practice.

The morning session was an introduction to Mawangdui Health Qigong and Faye steadily took us through the first few moves.  As always giving us food for thought along the way.  The afternoon session was larger again than the morning and we worked on the final section of the 24 step which often feels like it never gets the same attention.  It was brilliant and it didn’t matter how long we had been doing this routine, we all took plenty away with us to think about and work on.

We worked hard but also had a lot of fun.  For some attendees this was there first experience of working with Faye.  There were those who travelled a fair distance to attend.  A testimony to Master Faye’s incredible teaching.  And there were plenty of us who have worked with Faye for a number of years now.  Every time is an absolute pleasure.

The day was completed with a wonderful Chinese meal before heading home to reflect on all the new points that we need to start practising.

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