Deyin Summer Camp 2019

The Deyin Taijiquan Institute held their 20th annual summer camp in June.  A fantastic record for Masters Faye and Tary Yip which highlights the impact these two people have had on the Tai Chi community in the UK.  Participants had a wonderful choice on offer which consisted of Wudang sword, Taiji Essences, Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Health Qigong and two person practice form.

There was a good turnout and as always it was lovely to catch up with previous attendees and to make new friends.  The Deyin community goes from strength to strength and participants never fail to enjoy whatever is on offer.  Wudang sword was on offer for the first time.  Those taking part were treated to exceptional teaching from Master Faye Yip.  I attended the Saturday afternoon session as part of the Belt and Road Roadshow.  Madam Lai from Shanghai University led the instruction on the Daoyin 12 Health Qigong.  We are very honoured to be able to work with such top class instructors.

On Sunday Wudang sword practice continued.  Everyone worked very hard and Master Faye was able to take them through the whole form – no mean feat.  At the other end of the hall Master Tary Yip held a workshop on the two person practice form.  Not quite as many moves were covered as in the sword practice but the detail and insights were brilliant.  There is certainly plenty to practise until the next time Master Tary takes us through this intriguing form.

The whole weekend was incredible and as always great to be a part of.  Well done to the Deyin Institute and here’s to the next 20 years!

Photos from the weekend can be seen in the gallery.