Chinese Cultural Walk 2023

The photo of the lamp post may say lucky but there was nothing left to luck when Harriet Gilmour of Experience Liverpool put together a guided walk for the Tai Chi School to celebrate ATCS’ 10th anniversary.

As an experienced guide Harriet was able to take us through the streets of China Town. As we walked our way through the streets there were plenty of interesting stories and anecdotes to explain what we saw. There was a good mix of the old and the new including a visit to the Bonbon Bakery shop where individual custard tarts lay in waiting for the intrepid walkers. Needless to say it didn’t take long for the evidence to disappear!

A gentleman from the Chinese community joined us after we passed under the arch and added to Harriet’s stories and took questions from the group. We walked on to St George’s Square to view the recently installed mural. A further five minutes of walking brought us to the back of the Pagoda where another beautiful mural awaited yet another photo opportunity.

Our tour finished at the Pier Head where Harriet showed us the plague in commemoration of the Chinese seamen and explained the story. A blight on the recent history of Liverpool.

After all that walking we replenished our energy levels with a lovely meal at Matou Restaurant. A further tour is planned for Saturday 23rd September if anyone is interested in going. In the meantime you can see the photos in the gallery.