Belt and Road Roadshow Liverpool 2019

In a church hall in the quiet suburbs of Blundellsands those gathered waited for a session of Health Qigong, the likes of which they had not experienced before.  This was no ordinary session but part of a week long roadshow which toured up and down the country.  The roadshow was the brainchild of Master Faye Yip, president of the British Health Qigong Association (BHQA).  Master Faye had invited a Chinese delegation from the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) to lead this initiative.  The aims of the roadshow were to promote Health Qigong and its health benefits to a wider audience.

Health Qigong is a unique Chinese physical activity which is based on traditional medicine principles combining body, mind and breathing to help prevent and cure illnesses. Much research has been undertaken by the Chinese and others around in the world.

The British Health Qigong Association (BHQA) is a non profit organisation founded in 2009 dedicated to the education, training, grading and development of the “Health Qigong®” system in the United Kingdom and beyond.  It is the official body recognised and approved by the Chinese Health Qigong Association in China as the governing body for “Health Qigong®” in the UK.

The organisation has professional instructors throughout the UK actively promoting this great system to people from all walks of life. We are also working in close partnership with Chinese Health Qigong Association China, the NHS, Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and many other leading organisations in an effort to promote healthy living, active life and physical and mental well-being to wider community.

The roadshow had kicked off in London and Liverpool was its final destination hosting two wonderful days.  On Monday 1st July the University of Liverpool played host to the delegation.  The day involved a lecture on Health Qigong and healthy ageing.  This was given by Professor Wang, a Health Qigong expert from Beijing Sports University.  He highlighted examples from many studies that have already been undertaken.  Presentations and speeches were made by a number of dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and the Deputy Mayor.  Members of the Chinese Consul were also present along with officials from the University itself.  Dr Dong Barraclough, a lecturer at the Institute of Aging and Chronic Disease;  a long term supporter and advocate of Health Qigong and a BHQA instructor organised the event at the university.  Over a hundred people attended either or both the lecture and the afternoon session on Ba Duan Jin (one of nine sets from the CHQA).

On Tuesday 2nd July the roadshow moved to the north of the city to an event hosted by Angela’s Tai Chi School.  Instead of the normal weekly session students joined in a session on Five Animal Frolics (Wu QIn Xi).  All the students worked hard following Madam Lai’s (Health Qigong expert from Shanghai Sports University) wonderful instructions.  As part of the event we were delighted to welcome the Lord Mayor of Sefton, who was very impressed with the demonstrations that the students put on for all our distinquished guests.  We also had in attendance ATTIC Teas who served up good quality Chinese tea to the students and distinquished guests.

Hopefully more people now have a little more understanding and experience of what Health Qigong is and BHQA instructors from up and down the country can be found by visiting the BHQA website.

Visit the gallery for photogrpahs from both events.