Belt and Road Roadshow 2019

I am absolutely delighted to be hosting one of a number of events for this roadshow.  The roadshow is the brainchild of Master Faye Yip, president of the BHQA, and will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the PR of China.  The BHQA are working in collaboration with the CHQA and the IHQF.  Participants in the roadshow can expect excellent first class teaching from high quality teachers from China.

So where does the name for the roadshow come from?  The Belt and Road is the Chinese government’s new Silk Road initiative to promote trade and culture between China and the rest of the world.  The CHQA delegation is an official visit and partly funded by this initiative.

In Liverpool we are fortunate to have two events in this great city.  On Monday 1st July Liverpool University is hosting an event which includes a lecture in the morning and a Health Qigong workshop in the afternoon.  If you wish to book on to either of these please contact Dong Barraclough on 07990 012731.  The following day Angela’s Tai Chi School will be hosting a two and half hour session on the Wu Qin Xi (five animal frolics).  There is currently a waiting list in operation for this.

Full details of all the events can be found on the BHQA website.