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“I am grateful to have this opportunity to say how much I have appreciated the classes held on Tuesdays at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

I always promised myself that I would learn Tai Chi from a qualified tutor but the time never came, until the programme started at the hospital.

I have found the classes really easy to master because they are given at a pace that meets my slow learning capacity. Every movement is explained and practiced until we feel confident and progression is paced to the ability of the whole class.

Angela is an extremely patient and very competent teacher, very approachable and accommodating.

Tai Chi has helped me become fitter (very gently) and helped with balance – both body and mind. I would urge everyone to learn this wonderful form of exercise.

Some years ago, I did try to teach myself via a DVD but I do think you definitely need to attend a class.”

Pam, The Royal Hospital

“I have been learning Tai Chi for just over 6 years now.

Angela is a fantastic teacher with endless patience helping everyone to progress and get the most out of the activity.

I have found many benefits and these have included improved balance, flexibility and posture. The best thing though is taking the time to clear your mind of the daily distractions and focusing instead on releasing the tension and learning to move the energy around your body which gives you a feeling of well being and calmness.”

Mary, Museum

“I have been attending Tai Chi classes with Angela for over two years now.

Not only do I find it a relaxing pick me up at the start of the day but it is also physically very good for me; it has improved my posture and strengthened my back which I have had problems with in the past.”

Harriet, Museum

“I’ve always liked the idea of ‘having a go’ at Tai Chi & joining Angela’s class has been the experience I was looking for. It has given me the opportunity to have total relaxation, focus, exercise and meeting people. Everyone is very friendly & willing to help each other.

Having such a hectic life style, Tai Chi gives me the chance to slow down & take time out. Also to concentrate on breathing techniques which are extremely helpful in stressful situations out of class!

I really do believe that Tai Chi has improved my well being & would like to thank the Royal for putting on the classes.A huge thank you to Angela for being a fabulous teacher too!”

Helen, The Royal Hospital