Testimonials from students at Allerton United Reformed Church group

“I find Tai Chi a very relaxing and gentle exercise for my mind and body.”


“Tai Chi helps the memory – memorising the moves, meeting other people and getting fit.”


“Tai Chi makes me feel calm and relaxed. It improves my concentration and balance. “


“I have been attending Tai Chi sessions with Angela for about two years. I learned Tai Chi fan for most of that time and thoroughly enjoy this form which is both elegant and dynamic. I am currently learning the 8 step Yang style which is a challenge, but essentially that is what I most like about Tai Chi – it certainly focuses the mind as well as the body!

However thanks to Angela, who is not only very welcoming and patient with students, but also a great teacher, I’m getting there and enjoying the journey.”


“I used to get a lot of back-ache before starting Tai Chi. Since doing Tai Chi it has improved a lot.”


“I enjoyed my first session so much one hour felt like ten minutes! My whole body felt lovely afterwards – no pains at all – and it felt lighter similar to after swimming. I am so looking forward to my next session!”


“I have recently joined Angela’s Tai Chi class where I have had a very warm and reassuming welcome. The pace of the class is geared to individual needs and has a good emphasis on consolidating moves previously learned before moving onto new ones. I find Tai Chi beneficial for both my physical and mental wellbeing. The meditative quality and focus on breathing is perfect for de-stressing both in and outside the class. Thank you!”


“I joined the class as I wish to remain physically fit and supple and for some mental stimulus. The real bonus has been the great friendliness of the class and the extreme patience of the teacher and I really look forward to Mondays.”


“I am really enjoying attending the Tai Chi sessions and I do feel that (it) is beneficial to my joints. I also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.


“I have been attending Tai Chi with Angela for nearly two months. I started because I had aggravated an old back injury and my osteopath recommended doing Tai Chi in order to keep or regain flexibility. In this short space of time I have noticed a marked improvement in flexibility and I am now pain free.

Angela is a very calm and friendly lady who welcomes everybody into the group and ensures that they feel included. All students work at their own level and are encouraged to ask questions if they are unsure. They are taught in small groups with students working on the next set of techniques with Angela teaching and encouraging each group in turn.

Angela is very patient teacher sharing her deep knowledge of Tai Chi and I always leave her classes feeling encouraged and uplifted.


“A friendly group with a welcoming leader. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I find Tai Chi is a manageable exercise for the whole body. The flowing movements, using shape and weight transference give a great feeling of “at oneness” when you achieve the form!”


“Tai Chi is so mentally and physically demanding that all stress drifts away during the session.”