Aigburth Community Church

“I go to Angela’s Wednesday morning class in Aigburth. The group is very welcoming & Angela’s organisation, clear instructions & explanations of health benefits of movements makes Tai Chi & Qigong an enjoyable refreshing experience.

Tai Chi is a marvellous gentle form of exercise, stimulating the internal & external parts of the body, though the movements are structured they are slow & flexible, freeing energy to relax the mind & ease tension. There is always something to learn – refining moves & adding new ones.”

Jenny (Wednesday am)

“I have been attending classes with Angela for more than ten years and even though I’m pushing it, age wise, I still attend classes with enthusiasm each week all because I consider Angela a very good teacher.She is so patient, quietly spoken and gives her all to the class and individuals all the time.

I find Tai Chi very beneficial health-wise and calming.It’s nice to practice at home also.Angela puts a lot of work into unseen organisation on behalf of all classes.”

Jo (Thursday eve)

“I suffered for many years with chronic lower back pain and severe lack of mobility due to bad posture at work. I started Tai Chi with Angela in October 2012 and now my back pain has virtually disappeared and I am slowly regaining some mobility. Many thanks Angela.”

Geoff (Thursday eve)

“I have been going to Tai Chi classes for about five years now. I have never really stuck at doing any sort of activity sessions before, but I don’t like to miss even a week.

It is challenging and there is always more to learn, but it feels accessible no matter what your level of fitness is. I feel that it is helping to keep me healthy, and has given me ways of tackling the odd twinges I get in my back or joints and generally keeping on top of some of the effects of ageing. I have recently taken up the Tai Chi Fan and am slowly building up my confidence with a new skill.

I enjoy the social aspect of the classes, with their friendly and encouraging atmosphere, as well as the benefits to my general well-being.I would, and do, recommend the classes to anyone!”

Rita, (Wednesday am)

“I love Tai Chi.It is a flowing sequence of movement which is deceptively strong and complex, but everyone can do it and improve over time. It brings mind and body together and for me it creates a real sense of well-being and connection.

Angela is an excellent teacher, enabling all of us in the group to make continual progress, whatever stage we are at. Whether we are learning basic steps or refining individual moves Angela breaks learning in to manageable blocks and is always really clear and encouraging.

There is a friendly, supportive atmosphere in the class and there are always lots of opportunities to get involved in additional activities if desired.Come and join us! “

Eileen (Wednesday am)

“I’ve been coming along to Angela’s Tai Chi School for about 6 years, and through this gentle but effective exercise I believe it has improved things like my posture, balance & also my well being as a whole.

Of course it is also great to meet people socially and to have some time for “you”.I thoroughly recommend it.”

Meryl (Thursday eve)

“I’ve been attending classes in Tai Chi and Qigong for over 8 years.From the start I appreciated the focus on both stillness and movement, although learning tai chi in particular is certainly a challenge at first.

As time has passed I have become more comfortable with the basics, but happily there is always more to learn. Practice at home can be restful or energising or relaxing; but a weekly class is really useful in helping me focus on different details, and learning new forms.

And best of all I like the fact that you can take it with you and practice anywhere – in the park, on the beach, out on a hilly walk or in some woodland retreat!”

Anne (Wednesday am)

“I am a recent joiner having taken up Tai Chi three months ago to help me regain the flexibility of my youth that I appear to have lost as I have matured.

At our class, we all share the initial loosening up/stretching sessions and then break up into smaller groups to practice certain moves or series of moves depending on your level.

The classes are welcoming, the whole experience is very enjoyable, both challenging and relaxing at the same time.”

Bobby (Thursday eve)

“I really enjoy the weekly class and I always come away feeling more balanced and relaxed.

I like the warm-up.It also feels like a bit of a challenge to learn something new and to co-ordinate my limbs in a gentle and rhythmic way.It feels as if it does me a lot of good!!

Ros (Wednesday am)

“I came to the class three years ago after a serious stroke and I am amazed at the caring and encouraging atmosphere of the class.Angela our teacher is wonderful in every way.I have learned so much.I would recommend this class as a physical and mental workout of the best kind! Demanding but not despairing.”

Helen (Wednesday am)

“I have been practising Tai Chi for over two years and find it beneficial for posture, back problems and relaxation.The class groups also attend social events which are very enjoyable especially days out and meals.”

Mary (Wednesday am)

“The Tai Chi classes are very enjoyable and the other participants very pleasant and friendly.

The movements are an extremely good way of maintaining all over fitness and mobility even if you cannot fully use a certain part of the body. I have bad shoulder arthritis and have had no trouble adapting the moves with Angela’s advice and assistance, which is much appreciated.

I look forward to continuing to be able to do so for many more years.”

Eileen, (Thursday eve)