Sword class goes to Telford

It’s great to head to Telford for training but it’s even better when the whole class follows you!  The weekend had been in the diary for literally months and the sword class had worked extremely hard to get to grips with the 32 step sword routine.

The anticipation had been building for weeks and the weekend lived up to and surpassed expectations (well it certainly did for me).  Master Faye lead the weekend long seminar in a gentle but firm, detailed and inspiring way.  Just working through the different sword techniques and their characteristics alone has provided us all with plenty to think about.

The form work was great.  Good to see that we weren’t too far off the beaten track but still lots of points to work on.  A fair few pages were filled in the notebook in anticipation of the work ahead once we were back to our Monday evening class.

As well as an enjoyable workshop there was also time for some fun – at least I think that’s what it was when they all decided to attack me!  The Saturday evening was spent at a beautiful Chinese restaurant and a chance to catch up on the day’s teaching.  We all had breakfast together at the B&B – which we took over for the weekend and then we were hard at it again all day Sunday.  We may all have been exhausted by the time we got home but it was worth every second.  So if you are ever wondering whether to venture out of Liverpool to Telford for some training then speak to the sword class and ask them whether it is worth it.

Photos from the weekend can be viewed in the gallery.