4th World Health Qigong Day 2020

On the second Saturday in September, for the last four years, World Health Qigong Day has been celebrated globally.

We may be in the middle of a pandemic but this was even more reason to come together to demonstrate the wonderful healing power of Health Qigong.

ATCS decided to put on two events – one on Zoom and the other outdoors in a local park.Fifteen of us “zoomed” for an hour and a half, using moves from various HQ sets to warm up.We then performed the Ba Duan Jin set.This year’s theme for WHQD was “Have you Baduanjined Today”.During this pandemic this HQ set has been taught to COVID patients in China to aid recovery.Many international instructors and Masters, such as Masters Faye and Tary Yip of BHQA, have led enthusiasts in a daily practice of Ba Duan Jin via the internet since lockdown.To complete our session we did a combination of moves from different HQ sets which specfically focus on the lungs and lung meridians.We finished with a pose of our favourite moves on Zoom.

From behnd a screen I then made my way to the Festival Gardens to Ba Duan Jin in person with seven socially distanced students.We started in the Chinese garden with more Health Qigong warm ups and then proceeded to the pedestrian entrance to perform Ba Duan Jin.Moving on after that to the Japanese garden with a wonderful back drop of the Chinese garden.We were joined by a Cormorant who demonstrated his particular skills in fishing.

In the afternoon I joined Masters Faye and Tary and other BHQA instructors on Zoom for another wonderful hour of WHQD.

It is possible to join in Ba Duan Jin by accessing the YouTube videos of the Deyin Institute including a video of the WHQD event.
Click here to see photos from our event.